Tweetsie Railroad Coupons & Discounts

  1. Check the local Domino’s Pizza, Subway, Wendy’s and Lowes Foods in Blowing Rock for coupons for Tweetsie Railroad. You can save up to $6 at times.
  2. Come to the park after 3pm and get in the next day for free.
  3. If you are a AAA member, show your membership ID and get $3 off admission at the gate.
  4. If you are a faculty or staff member of Duke University, check out the PERQS program. It gives you $5 off admission to Tweetsie Railroad as well as a lot of other attractions, dining, entertainment, travel, and services.
  5. If you are a member of the National Railway Historical Society (NRHS), show your membership ID for $3 off general admission.
  6. If you have a A Chimney Rock Annual Pass, show it at the gate and get $3 off each ticket.
  7. If you are a member of a credit union, check to see if you are eligible for a discount. There are a lot of credit unions in North Carolina that offer a discount. Some examples are Hickory Springs Credit Union, State Employees Credit Union, Lion’s Federal Credit Union, Shuford Credit Union, Mountain States Credit Union, and Century Employee Savings Fund Credit Union. At last check they all offer a $6 off discount to Tweetsie Railroad.
  8. Check the local Inns in Blowing Rock for packages that include discounted tickets to Tweetsie and other area attractions. The Village Inns of Blowing Rock offer discounts.

Booking a Blowing Rock vacation package is by far the way to go if you plan on staying a few days and touring the Great Smoky Mountains. The best deals are on the rentals. Check out Wits End Rentals and Jenkins Rentals. Wits End Rentals offers coupons for Tweetsie Railroad and Jenkins actually offers passes for the entire family. Other top attractions include Grandfather Mountain and Mystery Hill. Some vacation rentals also come with passes to these attractions as well.

You should also check with the Boone Chamber of Commerce and Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce. Both list most of the hotels and rentals in the area that offer Tweetsie Railroad vacation packages. Please note that most of these vacation packages are for weekly rentals. If you are just visiting Blowing Rock for a day or two then it is cheaper to find the lowest rate for lodging and then purchase your tickets to Tweetsie Railroad separately. Using coupons of course!

The Blue Ridge Mountains of Western Carolina is home to Tweetsie Railroad. It’s a trip back to the Wild West. There you can take a ride on an authentic steam locomotive. Just watch out for the train robbers and marauding renegades. The theme park also features amusement rides and other Wild West attractions that are geared towards families with children. And don’t miss Deer Park either. This petting zoo is home to approximately 90 animals. Thomas the Train is also at the park so be sure to pay Thomas a visit. You need to set aside the entire day for Tweetsie.