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11 Ways to Save on AMC Theatres Tickets

  1. Get the Entertainment Book which offers thousands of dollars worth of discounts and coupons which includes coupons for savings of up to 32% off movie tickets for AMC Theatres.
  2. Keep an eye on the daily deal / coupon sites like Groupon where you can save as much as 50% off movie tickets for select AMC movie theater locations or get discounts on movie ticket and concession combos.
  3. Join AMC Stubs rewards program. Currently it costs $12 per year. Benefits include $10 in rewards bucks for every $100 spent, free upgrades on popcorn and drinks, and no online ticketing fees.
  4. Check your local AMC Theatre for A.M.Cinema. These are special movie showings in the morning at a discounted price. These are the cheapest tickets.
  5. If you are a student, check with your local AMC Theatre for special student discount days. Right now students get a student discount for their movie ticket on Thursdays.
  6. If you are a member of AAA, purchase your movie tickets through your local AAA office and save $2 per movie ticket ($2.50 in savings at some AAA offices). You purchase a movie pass and then present it at the ticket window at your local AMC Theatre.
  7. Purchase your AMC Theatre movie tickets through an online service like Fandango. From time to time they’ll offer their own promotions or coupons which you can then take advantage of for discounted movie tickets to an AMC Theatre.
  8. If you have a social deal of the day site in your city, check it often for AMC Theatre movie tickets. The company runs a lot of daily promotions like this.
  9. If you are a member of My Coke Rewads, you can use your rewards points for discounts at your local AMC Theatre.
  10. If you are a senior, visit AMC Theatres for a movie every Tuesday and receive discounted tickets for your movie of choice.
  11. Costco often sells movie ticket packs for local AMC Theatres. They are often sold in sets of 10 and can save you around 20% off the cost of each movie ticket. Of course you do have to be a member of Costco.